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Advanced Tactical Training’s instructors are the first and foremost experts in responding to active shooter situations. Sgt. Grant Whitus was the first of the SWAT Team members to enter Columbine attempting to save the teacher’s life. He was the first entry team member to enter the library and find Klebold and Harris.


After Columbine, Sgt. Whitus was one of the SWAT Team members instrumental in developing Active Shooter Response techniques and has been an instructor ever since. School Administrators, Teachers and business owners would all benefit from the current procedures we teach in how they should respond to the active shooter, which is also a interactive class. Now specializing in one and two-man response to the Active Shooter.


All instructors are current Law Enforcement Officers and keep current on all new techniques and trainings. Sgt. Whitus, who was the former SWAT Team leader along with Sean Joselyn who is the current SWAT Team Leader, are experts in hostage rescues. Jim Valbert is the current SWAT Team K9 Officer and Aaron Coorough is a current SORT Team member. Columbine and Platte Canyon School debriefs are done by Sgt. Grant Whitus. Hear the truth about the tactics used in Columbine and the one of a kind dual explosive hostage rescue used in Platte Canyon High School.

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